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Project Details


Service scope for project management, design and production for a large scale outdoor “cultural and food” activity, with over 120 booths for foods and cultural products, full day performance show, that attracts over 230,000 visitors for a 6 days event organized by 6 community organizations including the lead organization - Frederation of Hong Kong Ciu Chow Community Organizations, five support organisations - Federation of Hong Kong Guangdong Community Organisations, Federationof HK Guangxi Community Organisations, HONG KONG FEDERATION OF FUJIAN ASSOCIATIONS, Hong Kong Federation of Meizhou Associations, and Hong Kong Federation of Overseas Chinese Associations.

1. Project management
2. Graphic design
3. Promotion
4. PR service

Project management including:

1. Liaison with 6 organisations for arranging their booth and performance, logistic such as move-in and out etc.
2. Licenses submission
3. Booth safety report arrangement
4. Floor planning
5. Flow control
6. Crowd control
7. Security arrangement
8. Cleaning / toilet / trash collection arrangement
9. Bad weather contingence plan
10. Parking load arrangement
11. Opening ceremony
12. Stage management
13. Helper arrangement
14. Electricity rental
15. Furniture rental
16. Information desk arrangement
17. First aid arrangement
18. Marquee arrangement
19. Event photo shooting
20. Event video shooting
21. Audio and Video
22. Lighting

Design and production item:

1. Logo
2. Advertisement
3. Promotion car
4. Press conference
5. Press release
6. Website and facebook
7. Venue decoration
8. Venue signage
9. Special booth design
10. Stage design
11. Uniform
12. Booth construction
13. Electricity wiring
14. LED wall building
15. Stage building
16. Kick-off ceremony
17. Souvenir